Neurodiversity Audit

We offer people focused neurodiversity audits of your recruitment , assessment and onboarding processes and that of the technologies that have been implemented to automate these processes, to ensure they are Neurodiversity friendly, and to identify the gaps and recommendations on how to plug them. 

It’s a 5 stage process with a detailed project report to follow highlighting where you are as an organisation and what tangible steps you can take to make improvements.
Audit and assessment of current systems and processes
Interviews with a selection of key stakeholders/users of each segment of the process
Internal workforce Neurodiversity survey
Review and assessment of all quantitative and qualitative data, analysis and information
Feedback session to discuss findings

There’s no one like Theo! Theo facilitated a focus group at DICE on Neurodiversity at Work. The session was engaging, developed trust, encouraged courageous dialogue and invited vulnerability without judgement. His energy is so authentic and his passion for raising awareness on Neurodiversity is so honest and inspired. Thanks Theo, can’t wait to see what more amazing work we can do together in the future!

Salma Repa

Head of DEI, DICE