Neurodiversity inspirational learning and development 

We deliver bespoke training for organisations across the globe and with their employees now working from a wide variety of places, be that at home, in a coffee shop, an office or shared space. We can now deliver high energy and impactful training to
the four corners of the earth.  

The first part of any organisation embracing the concept of Neurodiversity is often lifting the lid off the subject to allow employees the opportunity to feel they have a safe space and the support of the organisations to join the debate. We have one of the leading figures on Neurodiversity at Work here at Dynamis Theo Smith who will inspire your employees through online or in person presentations, lunch and learn sessions, panel sessions and fireside chat events with an engaging and live Q&A. 

To further embed the learning our digital microlearning platform ‘Neurodiversity World’ offers companies the ability to support their employee’s learning on the go, at their time preference, pace and via the technology of their choice. This is further enhanced with certification and additional downloadable resources. 

Finally, we can have quarterly check-in events and workshops to ensure the learning is being implemented into the daily work and activities. This can be supported with consultancy and advisory services. 

Online Course by Theo Smith

at Work

Dynamis Group have worked with leading filmmaking team and Epic Media Group to bring you the most engaging micro learning on Neurodiversity at Work.

This training is a great opportunity for recruiters, hiring managers, line managers and all colleagues to deepen their understanding and be able to support colleagues and candidates better. 

Sean Allen

Head of Talent Acquisition, The Very Group