Consultancy, Research, and Insights

Ensuring your aims and objectives have tangible and achievable targets and that they are representative of the current marketplace are key to delivering excellence in Neurodiversity at Work. We offer consultancy and insights into the external workforce and best practices relating to Neurodiversity.
Some examples of how we help our current customers
Achieve excellence in Neurodiversity at Work
Create clear Neurodiversity targets and objectives
Improve neuro-inclusive decision making
Prioritise Neurodiversity best practices
We recently asked Theo to work with our Client Success team to help us optimise the experience neuro-divergent candidates get from our candidate experience tech. The project was a success on a number of levels; the outputs were excellent and the session Theo ran with our team was superb – engaging, insightful and even emotional. I’m convinced this was a game changer for us when it comes to working with our clients using our technology to reach and engage neuro-diverse talent. 
Nicola Sullivan

Candidate Experience and Engagement Specialist, Meet & Engage